Show Rules

1. You must be a current Kansas 4-H or FFA member in order to participate. You must be enrolled in the appropriate livestock project for the species you wish to exhibit.

2. There will be no showmanship contest. This is a livestock show only.

3. This is a “your choice of fitting” show. The main requirement is that your animals must be clean. This is a learning and practicing opportunity. If you wish to clip and fit your animal, that is your choice. Keep in mind that clipped cattle will display better in your video.

4. Dress code. Your attire is your choice but we strongly encourage you to dress as you would at a typical spring show. Boots and long-sleeved shirts are encouraged. Show gear should be used on your livestock, rather than a rope halter, if at all possible.

5. Entry videos must be recorded and submitted during the week indicated for the species you are showing. Beef videos (must be registered by April 12) submitted April 13-19. Sheep videos (must be registered by April 26) submitted April 27-May 3. Swine videos (must be registered by May 5) submitted May 6-12. Goat videos (must be registered by May 12) submitted May 13-19.

6. The video should include the exhibitor and their animal only. No other people should be in the video. No voices or commentary should be heard on the video. Videos must not be edited. Piecing together video clips to make one longer video will not be allowed.

7. Videos must be less than 2 minutes long. After submitting your initial entry form, you will receive access to a Google Drive folder which you may upload your video to, straight from your device. This link will be sent to the email you use when entering. There will be a document inside your Google Drive with instructions on how to label your video as you save it. Correct labeling is essential to ensure your video is entered in the correct class.

Videos can be recorded vertically or horizontally. We suggest you do one of each and chose the one that looks the best. Here is a sample for the sheep and goat videos:

8. The following livestock submissions will need to include weight: market beef, market lamb, market swine, market goat, breeding doe, COMMERCIAL breeding gilt. The honor system will be used for weights. Please make an effort to weigh your animal, rather than to just guess. Large animals can be taken to your local coop and led over the truck scales to weigh. (Don’t forget to subtract off YOUR weight!) Small animals can be weighed at home using a bathroom scale or perhaps use a calf sling and a hanging scale.

9. Registered breeding animals must be registered in the name of the exhibitor as of the date of the video recording. Commercial breeding animals must be owned by the entrant.

10. Registration numbers will need to be submitted for the registered breeding heifers and the registered breeding gilts.

11. Livestock date of birth must be included with the submissions for the following livestock: all breeding heifers, all breeding ewes, REGISTERED breeding gilts. Again, let’s please use the honor system and fill in the EXACT info that is on the registration paper.

12. For breeding livestock, heifers should be born on or after January 1, 2019. Ewes, does and gilts should be born on or after November 1, 2019.

13. Exhibitors may enter no more than two market entries per species and no more than two breeding entries per species.

14. After a contestant’s online entry form is submitted, they will be provided a link to a Google Drive in which they will be able to upload their video entry.

15. Class winners will be recognized and will be competing in a “Grand Drive”, scored by a panel of judges. Grand Champion and Reserve Champion buckles will be presented to the overall market and breeding champions in each species.

16. Other prizes, donated by generous sponsors and purchased with entry fee money, will be given out via random drawings throughout the multi-week show. In order to be eligible to receive a prize, your online entry form and payment must be received. Drawing will be done via Facebook live on the Facebook event page for Livestock Show Online: Kansas.

17. Entry fees: $20 per one animal or $75 per family (max of 2 breeding and 2 market per species per exhibitor) In order to receive family pricing, entry and payment must be received prior to beef starting on April 13. For individual animal entries, entry and payment must be received prior to the start date for that particular species. Go here for entry page.

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